In this article, I am going to talk about few important VS Code Extensions which help to improve your productavity & efficiency. It's difficult to define extract ten extensions but we have listed below few most popular and famous extensions.

What is VS Code?

Visual Studio Code (VS Code) is a free & open-source code editor by Microsoft which was developed for Windows,Linux & macOS. VS Code is written using TypeScript, JavaScript & CSS.

Why VS Code?

  • It's completely free 😯
  • Cross Platform
  • Language based support
  • Highly Customizable
  • Debugging
  • Command Palette
  • Auto Close Tag

    alt text

    As a developer this extension is a must. This amazing extension,
  • Automatically add closing tag when you type in the closing bracket of the opening tag
  • After closing tag is inserted, the cursor is between the opening and closing tag
  • Set the tag list that would not be auto closed
  • Get it here

    Auto Rename Tag

    alt text

    This extension helps you to Automatically rename paired HTML/XML tags.
  • When you rename one HTML/XML tag, automatically rename the paired HTML/XML tag
  • Get it here

    Live Server

    alt text

    This extension will help you open a live web server of your current project.
  • A Quick Development Live Server with live browser reload.
  • Start or Stop server by a single click from status bar.
  • Open a HTML file to browser from Explorer menu.
  • Support for excluding files for change detection.
  • Customizable Port Number, Server Root, default browser.
  • Get it here

    Live Share

    alt text

    Live share is one of the most cool features in VSCode. It’s perfect when working with team members. One of its functions is to allow every developer to share code snippets with other developers in real-time. Live Share allows developers to the instant sharing of current projects even when debugging. Others don’t need to install any repositories, SDKs, or anything to connect with other developer’s current code. Everyone on the team can collaborate sessions to explore and fix things remotely. Get it here


    alt text

    Don't waste time on formatting your codes.Just handover it to this cool extension. It's super easy to setup and can be configured to formatted your code automatically on save. Get it here

    Bracket Pair Colorizor

    alt text

    When working with huge projects, Brackets are a pain for most developers.this amazing extension helps you to find the opening and closing more easily. The fact that they’re colored makes your code more readable. Get it here


    alt text

    Beautify is another extension for code formatting like Prettier. It formats codes that are written in HTML, Saas, CSS Javascript and JSON. Get it here


    alt text

    Want to intergrate Git capabilities in to your VS code text editor? I am pretty sure this is the extension you should use for it. It alloes you to, Get it here

    Path Inelligence

    alt text

    In large projects, remembering specific file names and the directories your files are in can get tricky. This extension will provide you intellisense for just that. As you start typing a path in quotations, you will get intellisense for directories and file names. This will save you from spending a lot of time in the file explorer. Get it here

    Debugger for Chrome

    alt text

    Debugging JavaScript means more than just writing console.log() statements.This extension gives you all of those debugging features right inside of VS Code!. Get in here