When we talk about the CMS (Content Management System), our mind often pointing towards CMS like Wordpress, Joomla amd many other. But when it comes to present, Developers are more focusing on Node.js based CMS beacuse they allow developers to develop user-friendly, strong, fast and consistent websites.

What is Node.js

Node.js is an Open-Source Cross-Platform Javascript run time environment which was built on Chrome’s V8 javascript engine.NodeJS became an extremely lightweight and efficient web application because of it's event-driven, non-blocking I/O.

Why Node.js

  • Open Source
  • Cross Platform
  • Light weight
  • Cost free
  • Now we can focusing on the top open-source Node.js based CMS that can help you transform your website.


    Ghost is an Open-Source headless React.js based Node CMS, which is written in Javascript especially built as a publishing platform. Ghost allows you to write using Markdown and easily publish your ideas. Many popular companies like Apple, Tinder, SkyNews, Zappos and many other use Ghost because of it's simplicity and easily mangable functions. Ghost provides you a very user-friendly interface. And also it comes with in-build SEO features and it allows to share your content in diiferent Social media platforms without install any third party plugin.

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    Strapi is an another prominent headless CMS platform which allows developers to develop powerful, self-hosted and highly customizable APIs. It is suitable for developing well-configured web and mobile applications. It is consits of very rich markdown editor which allows user to work with different type of contents like media files, images, paragraphs, code snippsets and etc. It provides esaily customizable layout which allows you to insert them by drag and drop feature. It allows you to manage different user roles. It also offers easy intergration with realtional and non-relational databses like MySql, MongoDB, Redis & etc. It uses JSON Web Token (JWT) to secure data tranfering.

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    Another amazing Node.js powered CMS platform especially design for database-driven websites. Keystone.js is buit using Express and MongoDB. Keystone,js not only provies a CMS structures, it is also used to develop rich RESTful APIs, e-commerce applications and different online forums. It provides you a simplified Admin UI that assists developers in creating beautiful, sophisticated CMS.

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    When it comes to TotaljS it allows you to develop both personal and it is built on NoSQL embedded database and with no dependencies. Its beautiful dashboard allow you to keep track on every visitor on your webiste and offers you get daily/ monthly status, visitor counter, and a lot more. In here you use drag and drop feature to develop your website. Like previously mentioned this CMS stores raw HTML code. So, you can work or manipulate this HTML code whenever you need, from the embedded database.

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    Apostrophe is an another amazing Node.js based CMS platform which develop with the instension on increase the productivity. Its versatile content editing tool allow easy maintenance over your content. It is a feature-rich full-stack framework suitable for developing Enterprise level Applications. It allows you to work with platforms like JavaScript, MongoDB, NodeJs, NPM. You can organize your page layout by using drag and drop feature. Another amazing this is it has solid text editor that is powered by CKEditor.

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    Finally, Insight

    As a framework, Node.js is leading the way and has guaranteed a safe platform for developing potential content management systems. From this article hope you will find the right guide to your next NodeJs CMS. I have provided detailed information and attached link of particular CMS at the end of each CMS. So, you can visit all above mentioned CMS easily by clicking on it.