In this digital era, web app development is growing at an unprecedented rate. Everyone wants secure, scalable, and feature-packed web applications. This means the user is searching for smart and feature-packed web applications with highly personalized UX.
That’s why web development companies need to think of out-of-the-box ideas rather than sticking to traditional strategies to succeed. This is the place where Artificial Intelligent plays a major role in Web Application Development. Before we learn more about how AI is beneficial for Web Application Development, let’s take a brief introduction about what exactly AI is.

What is Artificial Intelligence(AI)?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the process of simulation of human intelligence by machines. This AI process has the ability of learning, reasoning, and self-correction.AI applications include expert systems, speech recognition, and machine vision. According to research from Tractica, the global AI software market is expected to grow from 9.5 billion USD to 118.6 billion USD by 2025. Tech giants such as Amazon and Google have shown interest and made considerable investments in AI.

Why Implement AI in Website Development?

  • Make search even faster
  • Provide more relevant customer interaction and experience
  • Even more effective digital marketing to targeted consumers
  • Make interactions with the website visitors even better
  • Provide a personalized experience of the store
  • In order to better understand the role that AI plays in web development, we need to consider the impact of using AI to develop websites and design websites in more detail

    Pros of using AI

    1. User experience – This is the most important aspect of web design. If a visitor to your site can’t use it effectively and efficiently, they will go elsewhere. As we know, users of a website are customers (and they will share their experiences). It’s important to make sure that your products are easy to find and customers can easily purchase them. Many customer-centric websites are beginning to rely on AI to improve the customer experience.

    2. Personalized Content – Content rules (whether it is videos, blogs or articles). By implementing AI on your website you can show the audience certain content that is tailored to them. AI can suggest new music, videos and other relevant content for users based on their past behaviors. Users can feel comfortable discovering new content while being confident that they will find it relevant.

    3. Voice Search Optimization – One of the fastest-growing design trends for web design is Voice Search Optimization. Since many customers are using their mobile devices more than their desktop, websites often have to optimize for mobile devices. In this aspect, AI can help as well

    Cons of using AI

    1. A Place for Humans – According to a study by 2030 up to 90% of all jobs will be under threat to be replaced by smart machines. This may include web design, graphic design, and mobile app design. Since AI has proven to be more efficient in terms of forming content to fit on various devices, will we still need to know how to code?

    2. Privacy Issues – Since AI and machine learning can be built to monitor consumer behaviors and their interactions online, many consumers often feel uneasy. Software such as analytics, when combined with AI, has unlimited potential to mine customer data and insights. Therefore, it could be scary for consumers because 94% of them want to do business with a company with full transparency.

    3. Impersonal Interactions – Despite how well you have created your chatbots and automated responses, customers may still be able to tell that it was sent by AI. In the digital age, many users still want personal responses; therefore, by implementing AI we are stepping away from those much needed personal interactions.

    While there are pros and cons to using AI in web design, we predict a positive future. By implementing AI into web design, we as humans can have more time for creativity and doing other important tasks. Instead of focusing on the negative, we should think about what AI can do for us and how it can improve our interactions