As a web developers, it is essential to keep touch with latest technologies and best coding practices. o, in this article I'll will show few great GitHub repos (few amazing resources) which can help to enhance your Web Development skills.

Node.js Best Practices

It you are a Node.js lover and want to learn inspiring thing and coding best practices, this is the right place to keep yourself updated with the Node world. This repository gives you a summary on Node.js best practices and also it gives better knowledge of how you can do integration with other tools like Docker, Kubernetes, etc. Currently it has more than 80 best practices under 8 main categories.

Some common best practices are -

  • Project Structure Practices
  • Error Handling Practices
  • Code Style Practices
  • Going To Production Practices
  • Check out this repo here.

    HTML5 Boilerplate

    It your are looking for a professional front-end template for building fast, robust, and adaptable web apps or sites, HTML5 Boilerplate is the great solution. It is a finely-tuned starter template which reap the benefits of 10 years of analysis, research and experimentation by over 200 contributors.

    It has great features like
  • Normalize.css for CSS normalizations and common bug fix
  • Useful CSS helper classes.
  • Default print styles, performance optimiz
  • Protection against any stray console statements causing JavaScript errors in older browsers.
  • Extensive documentation.
  • Browser support and more
  • Check out this repo here.


    Reakworld is the great solutions for mastering core concepts & ideology of a new frameworks. It provides real world large scale projects instead of basic ToDos App. RealWorld allows you to choose any frontend or any backend and integrate them and see the behaviour of the application. You can find tons more in the original repository. Have fun checking them out! It's not just for the Web, it's available for Mobile as well in the form of NativeScript.

    Few popular intergrations-
  • Angular + ngrx + nx
  • React / Redux
  • Node / Express
  • NestJS + TypeORM/Prisma
  • GCP Cloud Functions + Datastore
  • Check out this repo here.

    You Don't Know JS Yet

    If you are JS lover and need to learn core mechanisms of the JavaScript language, this the right resource for it. It is a series of books diving deep into the JS. It is completely free and you can read them online on the repository.

    The following parts of the book is almost finished -
  • Get Started
  • Scope & Closures
  • And below chapters are in prgress
  • Objects & Classes
  • Types & Grammar
  • Sync & Async
  • ES.Next & Beyond
  • Check out this repo here.

    Airbnb JavaScript Guide

    This is an another amazing JavaScript learning resource by Airbnb. This will help you understand JavaScript from begining to deeper fundamentals along with code snippets to help you along the way.

    Some popular topics are -

  • Arrow Functions
  • Hoisting
  • Type Casting & Coercion
  • ECMAScript 6+ (ES 2015+) Styles
  • Testing
  • Performance
  • Check out this repo here.


    When it comes to Storybook, it is a amazing development environment for UI components and allows you to browse a component library, view the different states of each component, and it allows you to interactively develop and test components. It runs outside of your app and allows you to develop UI components in isolation. It can improves component reuse, testability, and development speed. You can build quickly without having to worry about application-specific dependencies. It comes together with a its own CLI and some code examples for you to get accustomed with Storybook.
    Check out this repo here.


    The Front-End Checklist is an another amazing repo in Github which contains list of all elements you need to have or to test before launching your website or HTML page to production. It is a repository which is based on Front End Web Development and focuses more on performance, security, SEO, etc.
    Check out this repo here.


    Above mentioned repositories are not just the only resources available, I'm sure there must be tons of other amazing project out there too. These are the some repositories that I really found helpful. If you know anyother put a comment in comment section.