In today's article, I am going to talk about cool and amazing features released on newer version of Laravel.

What is Laravel?

I think most of you are familiar with what is Laravel, It is an open source php framework and it is is robust and easy to understand. It follows MVC (Model-View-Controller) design pattern. Modularity, Testability, Routing,Configuration Management, Query Builder and ORM, Schema Builder, Template Engine are the some cool features come along with Laravel.

Laravel Jetstream

In version 8, it introduce the Laravel-Jetstream, an application scaffolding package that will set you up with complete front & back end code for lots of common functionality in web applications, including:
  • Login and registration
  • login, access a dashboard page, logout, password reset etc

  • Two factor authentication
  • via an app such as Google Authenticator) with no setup, including features such as recovery codes

  • Session management
  • user can see where else they are logged in, and force a logout of all other sessions

  • Laravel Sanctum API support
  • API token management for users powered by Laravel Sanctum, with full customisable permissions

    The front is built with Tailwind CSS, including components include in the premium Tailwind UI library, it gives a amazing look and easy to customise.

    New Model Directory

    In previous version in Laravel, Models containing in the App deirectory. It's little bit tricky when we have lots of Models with our application. So in Laravel 8, the model directory have ship to app/Models

    Migration Squashing

    In this really amazing feature enabling all migrations to be squashed into a single SQL file.How cool it is? This will create a schema folder under database with an SQL file containing CREATE TABLE queries for all of your migrations.Then when you run your migrations, Laravel will run the SQL from the schema file first before moving on to anything created later in the migrations folder.
    ::: warning * Migration squashing is currently only supported for MySQL and Postgres.* :::

    Job Batching

    In Laravel, jobs are the tasks that can be performed as part of a queue to accomplish that can run in background. When it comes to this new job batching feature allows you to execute several jobs together.

    Route caching improvements

    I am pretty sure you are already using route caching in your application (running php artisan route:cache generates a PHP file with an array containing all of your routes, which Laravel then uses for routing as it's faster than having to parse your routes file(s) on every request). However, up until now, if you had any closures in your routes, or even if a package registered a route with a closure, that would have caused the route caching to fail.

    Maintenance Mode

    When it comes to Laravel 8, it brings some improvements to maintenance mode. Maintenance mode is a really helpful you to "disable" your application while you're working on updates in site. When it comes to previous versions, you would have to specify the IPs that would still be allowed to access the application with the allow option:In Laravel 8,no longer need to allow certain IPs. Instead, you can use the secret option to create a maintenance mode bypass token.By appeding this Bypass token to your application, you can access to your application.

    Dynamic Blade Component

    In Laravel 8 you can render dynamic blade component. You can choose which component should rende at application run-time.

    These are the some cool features exits in Laravel 8.